Online Reviews Are Extremely Influential

Get Control Over Your Reviews

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Online Customer Reviews Are Extremely Influential

Online Reviews Determine:

  • How people perceive your business
  • Whether or not they will buy from you
  • Even your visibility in the search engines

Online reviews are the first impression that others get about your business.

What Do They Say About You?

Control Your Reviews

You've got a great company, great service, and lots of happy customers.

But what can you do to make sure those happy customers share the good word where it matters?

You Need Better Control Over Your Reviews

Let's Look At Some Facts

Read Online Reviews
Trust Online Reviews
Didn't Buy Because of a Bad Review
Write Online Reviews

Online Reviews Are Clearly Important

Review Fixer Can Help

What do reviews say about your business?

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What Review Fixer Does For You

Review Fixer’s Funnel System automates the entire review process, putting you in control of your reviews.

Here’s How Our Review Funnel Works

1) Ask, Remind & Invite Customers

Simply enter your customer’s email address in our easy-to-use form and Review Fixer emails your customer on your behalf asking them to review your business. Don’t have your customers email address? No problem. Simply hand them one of our printed invite cards. This will direct your customers into your very own review portal so they can review your business. It’s that simple.

2) Drive Customers To Conversion Portal

Once customers arrive at your customized review landing page, the Review Fixer automated system guides them through the entire review process. Here we determine the happy customers from the unhappy ones. Happy customers are then taken to the review sites of your choosing where they can post their review. The Review Fixer system holds your customer’s hand through the entire review process making it easy as a stroll in the park.

3) Intercept Unhappy Customers

If the customer expresses a negative rating, instead of sending them on to post their review online, Review Fixer guides them to send you feedback rather then write a public review. This allows you to address their issues or concerns before their review goes public and a negative review gets placed.

Review Monitoring & Streaming

Never get blindsided by reviews you don’t know about & showcase the reviews you are proud of.

Stream Reviews to Your Website / Social Media

Review Fixer allows you to easily integrate your reviews into your website and/or social media by a simple-to-install widget. We aggregate multiple review sites and collect all of your reviews then showcase them in a single location. Got a negative review? No problem. Our system automatically suppresses negative reviews from your review stream so only positives reviews show up on your website or social media.

Track Your Reputation & Reviews

Review Fixer automatically scans the most important review sites. If we find any new reviews, will email you report allowing you to see exactly what each review contains. You can then quickly act to fix negative reviews or thank loyal customers for their positive comments.

What Review Sites Matter Most To You?

Review Fixer lets you choose the review sites that matter most to your business and guides your customers to them.

plus hundreds more!

Review Fixer Features At A Glance

Review Funnel

The Review Fixer Review Funnel acts as a personal assistant to guide your customers though the entire review process.

Email Drip Campaign

Automated emails are sent to your customers over the course of several days allowing them to rate and review you in their downtime.

Intercept Negative Feedback

Address the concerns of unhappy customers before they pubicly post negative reviews online.

Customized Landing Page

We build a customized landing page for your customers complete with your logo and color scheme.

Personalized URL

Pick your own easy-to-remember URL for your customers to go to.

Coupons & Incentives

Attach coupons and incentives to your review invites to thank customers for their time.

Review Monitoring

We’ll send you timely reports on your latest reviews on the major review sites, allowing you to stay in the know.

Review Stream

Showcase your reviews by streaming them directly to your website.

Social Publishing

Automatically have your best ratings publish on social networks as they are placed.

Pricing & Options

  •  Branded Landing Page
  • Custom URL
  •  Email Drip Invites
  •  Review Funnel
  •  Offer Coupons
  •  Review Monitoring
  • Website Review Stream
  •  Social Review Publishing
  • SMS Text Message Invites
  •  Branded Landing Page
  • Custom URL
  •  Email Drip Invites
  •  Review Funnel
  •  Offer Coupons
  •  Review Monitoring
  • Website Review Stream
  •  Social Review Publishing
  • SMS Text Message Invites

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